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BIO & Artist Statement


     Bonnie is an independent artist, illustrator, writer, okapi enthusiast, and most importantly corgi mom. She creates surreal mixed media works, as well as fan art, and nature landscapes. Bonnie works in a variety of mediums including watercolor, pointillism, and paper cutting.

     She currently lives in western Washington just north of Seattle.

     Talking about oneself in third person on your own website is weird. Apparently you are supposed to write these artist bio things like that, but come on that's dry as hell.


So let's start over . . .


     I'm an artist, I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with corgis and okapis. My art is weird and is in no way a reflection of my mental health. Occasionally I like to sit down and make hundreds of thousands of tiny dots until everything I see becomes dots. My writing is as weird as my art, and for some reason I decided to go be awkward on Youtube.


Now read my eloquently written artist statement about how I am too good to explain my art.

The Nature of Surrealism

     The natural world and striving toward the surreal have been the two constant influences on my work throughout the years. As a young artist I was immersed in animal encyclopedias and I drew the creatures that I learned about. As I developed my artistic skills and style my work became more and more fantastical, eventually arriving at the surreal. I call my work surrealism because I always try to add that element that removes my work from reality.

     I am a firm believer in "death of the artist". I will do not explain my work as I feel it takes away from the experience of the viewer. Anything I wanted to say or express is on the canvas, everything else is up to the viewer.

    I do not limit myself through medium. As a mixed media artist I explore the ways in which mediums can come together to enrich a piece. Additionally I work in many single mediums which allows me to choose which approach I feel will best express my creative vision.

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