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Reference Photos - Free To Use!

Here is a small collection of photos I have taken of nature in Washington state. I took these photos myself, and anyone who wishes may use them in their own artistic pursuits! Check out my video on reference photos here. Some of these are better than others(in terms of focus), but I wanted to include some interesting sights from my hikes around the state. I spend a lot of time hiking all over Western WA and love to take the opportunity to get my own reference photos to use in my art. So this is a little look at the things I find beautiful about Washington state.

I included the names of landmarks and locations in the photos in case you want to do you own research on the spots or visit them to see for yourself!

Mount Index and Lake Serene

Shrubs on the Skykomish River
Lake Valhalla
Waterfall into Snow Lake
Snow Lake
Stump on Lime Kiln Trail
Lake Serene and Mount Index(again)
North Creek Wetlands
Fog in the Forest at Haybrook Ridge
Mount Index and Mount Parcin
North Creek Boardwalk
North Creek Wetlands

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